As Chamber Members you can save 10-20% on your natural gas bill + you'll add a stream of revenue to the Rifle Area Chamber of Commerce

Did you know you're probably paying too much for your natural gas and you can choose to pay less?


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Most companies look at Natural Gas as a fixed cost.  Due to the Deregulation of Natural Gas in several states, including Colorado, a competitive market has recently emerged. This competition has driven down the price of natural gas and provided a huge opportunity for consumers to save money based on their usage. We're passing that opportunity on to you as a member of the Rifle Chamber.


The Rifle Chamber of Commerce  has teamed up with SWiTCH Energy Advisers to offer members the "Infinity"  Program:


The SWiTCH Energy Infinity Program offers chamber members the dual benefits of cost savings on their natural gas usage while also providing a fresh new and sticky source of revenue to their local Chamber.

  1. Our business and commercial clients can expect from 10% - 20% savings on their gas bill annually  
  2. Members who SWiTCH create a non-dues source revenue for your chamber

Chamber Members Features:

  • Members get options to lock into a price for an extended period or ride the index pricing
  • SWiTCH does all the work.  It oversees meter installation and phone line installation and billing changes
  • Customer saves 10%-20% off their Natural Gas bill
  • As long as you are a member, the Chamber gets revenue based on your gas usage as part SWiTCH's  "giving back to the community" initiative

Chamber Program Features:

  • For every chamber member who signs on with SWiTCH the Chamber will receive quarterly payments of $.05 per dekatherm in earnings is returned to Chamber of Commerce based off of its members’ natural gas usage on a quarterly basis
  • A Reconciliation Report will be provided to the Chamber quarterly with Infinity Program earnings
  • SWiTCH provides all materials necessary to complete the conversion process for members
  • SWiTCH provides the links or buttons on the Chamber page to guide them to learn more or get a Free Consultation




How SWiTCH  works:

It begins with Deregulation, which is the removal or simplification of government rules and regulations that constrain the operation of market forces. This occurred in the year 2000 in Colorado.

Before energy deregulation,  businesses like yours were forced to buy energy from the local utility company.  The rates were regulated and you had no control over pricing. The Federal Energy Regulation Commission (FERC) decided it should limit its authority to wholesale transactions. This allowed for individual states to decide if they wanted to allow outside suppliers an opportunity in their state.  Colorado is one of the 22 states that has chosen to do so to date.

What this means to your business, is that you now get to choose who supplies the natural gas to your home or business, and bank the savings.


Here is how this happens. To begin with, Energy Service consists of two parts:

  1. Energy Supply
  2. Energy Delivery

Energy Suppliers purchase natural gas as a commodity to meet the needs of their customers.   Suppliers then deliver the gas to the regional/local utility company like Xcel energy. SWiTCH will identify your options and choose your new Energy Supplier once your consent to doing so.

The Energy Delivery of your natural gas is still done by your public utility company.   It is a safe, simple and fast conversion.


Here are the steps of the SWitCH process to transition you to your new supply company;

  1. You Provide SWiTCH with a copy of 1 utility bill and a signed LOA (Letter of Authorization) which will allow SWiTCH to gather your previous year’s usage from Xcel or your current provider.
  2. SWiTCH will get your usage information, then provide a free, detailed, no cost savings analysis.
  3. You will choose the option that best fits your business or entity (ie., Contract Length/ Fixed pricing or index pricing) which we'll explain.
  4. There are no -- zero -- interruptions in your natural gas service.
  5. Xcel energy installs a telemeter for new supplier.
  6. Convenient billing process provided directly from your new supplier and you're done. Start saving on your gas bill.





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