Universities & School Districts

If you're a Administrator of a school, college or university, controlling utility costs directly affects your bottom line.

If you are a decision maker in the educational field, you know how much attention is paid to funding and budgets. The schools we are working with:

  • Are using 2,350 dekatherms of natural gas annually
  • Are saving an average of $3,000 on the natural gas portion of their utility bill
  • Are saving on average 17.85%  on their natural gas portion of their utility bill

For a budget conscious facility every dollar counts, Don't waste money by paying a higher amount for your natural gas utility than you should.  Allow us to identify if savings exist for your school or buildings.  Fill out the form to below, It's quick, straight forward and there is now obligation to identify any potential savings.

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Not all businesses use enough gas to qualify, nor are we able to provide you savings in every state every time. Find out if your business qualifies. Please fill out the form and we'll be in touch.