Why SWiTCH Your Natural Gas Provider?

Posted by SWiTCH Energy Advisers Staff on Jul 5, 2017 4:02:07 PM


Did you know you can buy your natural gas from someone other than your public utility?


The story of SWiTCH Energy Advisers:

My name is Michael Spradlin and I am a restaurant owner. Two years ago, a salesman walked into my office and said; "Did you know that you can purchase your natural gas from someone other than the public utility?"

In 30 plus years of business ownership I had never heard of the advantages that 3rd party transportation of natural gas provided. I was pleased to see the $700-$800 in savings annually that had been identified for my restaurants. but it left me curious to see what other savings might be available in the market. After a little research and a little shopping, the last quote I received was just shy of $2,000 per restaurant.


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